Why Outsourcing? The benefits of software outsourcing, of course, are variable and dependent upon the nature and situation of the organization. However, the following is a list of common reasons why outsourcing is undertaken: Outsourcing your non-core activities will give you more time to concentrate on your core business processes Offshoring development can give you access to professional, expert and high-quality services With outsourcing your organization can experience increased efficiency and productivity in non-core business processes Outsourcing can help you streamline your business operations Offshore outsourcing can help you save on time, effort, manpower, operating costs and training costs amongst others Outsourcing can make your organization more flexible to change You can experience an increased control of your business with outsourcing Your organization can save on investing in the latest technology, software and infrastructure as your outsourcing partner would be investing in these Outsourcing can give you assurance that your business processes are being carried out efficiently, proficiently and within a fast turnaround time Offshoring can help your organization save on capital expenditures By outsourcing, your company can save on management problems as your offshore partner will be managing the team who does your work By outsourcing, you can cater to the new and challenging demands of your customers Sharing your business risks is possible with outsourcing Outsourcing can give your business a competitive advantage as you will be able to increase productivity in all the areas of your business