The principal factors that have brought us our firm position and prestige in the market include a broad yet profound knowledge over a vast number of industries, namely: Airlines (Airlines data processing application), Banking & Finance (Debt settlement application, Financial risk management application), Telecommunication (SMS/MMS gateway), Internet (Domain name registration), Management (Intranet management system, Payroll software), Education (University management), Retail (Mass product management, online stores), etc. Our custom software application development services provide the IT backbone of our clients’ business strategies when packaged software does not adequately address their needs. We are experienced in building specialized softwares for different corporate functions. BIPVN is especially strong in enterprise software development. Some of the widely used BIPVN softwares include ERP software, HRM software, Payroll software, management software, appointment application, point of sales application, etc. As with all of our IT services, application development is delivered within the context of a total plan-build-manage solution – an approach that appreciates the dynamics of our clients’ strategies and helps ensure predictable returns on investment (ROI).